• Sports Towel is equipped with three separate spacious pockets for your phone, wallet, and keys.
  • Infographics embroidered on the pockets will help you to get used where is what.
  • Practical ribbon makes it easy to open and close the pockets.


  • With Sports Towel you will not forget your valuables on the windowsill, in the dressing room or under the excercise equipment — now they are safe in Sports Towel's pockets.
  • High quality hidden zipper will ensure your valuables are secured.
  • During the workout, on the beach or in the dressing room — your valuables are at the reach of your hand.
  • Special handy pouch will keep your Sports Towel clean.


  • Sports Towel protects you from contating dirty equipment while at the gym.
  • Three pockets help to distinguish one side from the other. You decide which side touches your face and which contacts sports equipment.
  • Your mobile and locker key will be stored securely in your Sports Towel far from dirty floor and windowsills.
  • Convenient hanger will prevent Sports Towel from falling.